Manutuke School - Te Kura o Manutuke


Te Kura - The School


     Manutuke School -   Te Kura ō Manutuke

 The School Organisation and Structures

Manutuke School opened in 1885; a full-primary, mainstream school which today is decile 3, U3.    In 1989 a Level 1 Immersion Maori Unit, Te Whanau Reo Maori, opened, beginning a critical and unique change to the school, a Dual Medium option; an option that for several years was the desired choice for the wider community. 30 years later, in 2009, exploratory investigations and research began to track a Designated Character Status for the school.  This challenge has intensified in the last two years, with a determined drive to succeed in capturing the Designated Character, this year, 2019.

In 2014-2015, the Auraki Syndicate, worked to uplift Te Reo Maori and nga tikanga, much more, into the day-to-day practices. In 2016 – 2017, Level 4 was considered, with a greater emphasis being placed on socializing the tikanga and practices with te Reo, across the syndicate.  In 2018 and 2019 the move to Level 3 was made, raising individual/group pride in being Maori, integrating Te Reo Maori more deliberately into collaborative place-based learning contexts. 

The ‘Manu’ concept was initiated into the school, in 2015, with ‘Manu Toa’ – a ‘Manu Wananga., in which the marautanga and delivery is based around sports, health and well-being, followed in 2016 by Manu Toi - that harness the passions, talents and strengths of the teachers and the students. Te Manu Kapa, a historical marautanga, was always a whole-whanau based Manu, but in the last few years, teachers at the school are leading, in very close affinity and liaison with whanau and community experts and support.   This year, teachers are venturing to collaborate across classroom boundaries and to share teach, in differing and marae ways. 

Manutuke School had a very good roll rise in 2018, mainly from whole whanau coming from other urban schools, or other areas, plus the five year olds, with the usual types of withdrawals also to manage.    Highest numbers still come from Gisborne City. Purchasing of the school’s Mini-Bus, a whanau request, was targeted to bring the five-year old, to Manutuke, and it worked. In 2019, the school will work to promote the English Learning Options at Manutuke School in a deliberate effort to showcase.    The school is working to provide our own Technology, so in 2018 and 2019, are trialling this as a viable option. 


  • A roll increase noting that the five year olds made the best increase. 

  • The school experientially moving the teaching / learning groups according to the teachers’ or experts’ strengths, whereby groups can vary from one-to-one, small group, class and syndicate or club groups, with teachers share-teaching according to their passions/strengths.

  • High emphasis and concerted effort, now placed on ensuring Te Reo Maori & tikanga is shared, and valued across the WHOLE school.

  • Te Whanau a Manu, are now in Level 3 immersion Maori, strongly promoting the joy and pride in being Maori and succeeding in English, with critical TWRM support, and input valued and required.

  • The full school’s committed need to audit in order to design solutions, in order to promote the English Learning opportunities at Manutuke School.  

  • Transport designed to manage any required timetable changes or to promote Manutuke School as a Dual Medium, Modern Marae Learning option. 

Junior/ Middle teachers actioning the ‘Learning Through Play – Kekeno’ platforms, with direct focus on hands-on, provocations that will facilitate to cater to the urges of the children; Ultimately too, to foster and uplift oracy, socialising and learning in both Te Reo Maori and English.    Thus communicating, problem-solving, confidence and well-being will be prioritised and the meeting of cross curricular requirements will be met.